Country Net zero targetTarget statusSeparate target for emission reduction and removalsComprehensive CDR TargetPlans for CDR
Albania N/AIn policy documentNonaYes
Andorra 2050Declaration / pledgeNonaYes
Armenia 2050In policy document-naYes
Austria 2050In policy documentYesnoYes
Azerbaijan N/AIn policy documentNonaNo
Belgium 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2050Declaration / pledgeNonaYes
Bulgaria 2050Proposed / in discussion-noNo
Croatia 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Cyprus 2050In policy documentYesnoYes
Czech Republic 2030In policy documentNonoYes
Denmark 2050In lawNonoYes
Estonia 2050Declaration / pledgeNonoYes
European Union 2050In lawNonaYes
Finland 2035In policy documentNonoYes
France 2050In lawYesnoYes
Georgia N/AIn policy documentNonaYes
Germany 2045In lawNonoNo
Greece 2050In policy document-noNo
Hungary 2050In lawNonoNo
Iceland 2040In policy document-naYes
International ---na-
Ireland 2050In lawNonoYes
Italy 2050In lawNonoYes
Latvia 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Liechtenstein 2050In policy documentNonaNo
Lithuania 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Luxembourg 2050In lawNonoYes
Malta 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Monaco 2050In policy documentNonaYes
Montenegro N/AIn policy documentYesnaYes
Netherlands 2050In lawNonoYes
North Macedonia N/AIn policy documentNonaYes
Norway 2050In lawNonaYes
Poland 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Portugal 2050In lawNonoYes
Republic of Moldova N/AIn policy documentNonaYes
Romania 2050In policy documentNonoYes
San Marino 2030In policy document-naNo
Serbia N/AIn policy documentYesnaYes
Slovak Republic 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Slovenia 2050In policy documentNonoYes
Spain 2050In lawNonoYes
Sweden 2045In lawNonoYes
Switzerland 2050In policy documentNoyesYes
Türkiye 2053In policy documentNonaNo
Ukraine 2060In policy documentNonaNo
United Kingdom 2050In lawYesnoYes
Vatican City State ---na-
World ---na-