Policy parallels on both sides of the pond

As two of the largest world economies, Europe and the US are key to deploying carbon removal at scale. Over a series of six in-depth analyses, we explore how policies in both regions compare. We provide in-depth comparative analysis to understand the key differences between the CDR-relevant policy landscapes in the US and in Europe, and to identify key learnings that can be shared between policymakers in each geography.

What does government procurement look like on both continents? What funding opportunities are available in both economies? How is carbon removal certification monitored and verified to ensure it is sustainably deployed? We investigate the differences and similarities between European and US-based CDR-relevant policies across six topics over the coming months.

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We must open the door to CDR policy opportunities and bridge the gap that separates the EU from the USA if we want to reach our global climate goals. 

In this first webinar of our EU/USA comparison, we will be examining each region’s current policy landscape and the gaps in their approach to carbon removal. In doing so, we aim to identify means to connect CDR policies and stakeholders on both sides of the pond and support international CDR policy progress.