About the Carbon Removal Policy Tracker

The Carbon Removal Policy Tracker is a free platform to help policymakers, businesses, investors, and non-profit organisations access actionable information on the legislation and government programmes relevant to carbon removal across Europe.

The tracker provides information on current and proposed government policies across Europe and the process by which these policies are being shaped.

We want to demystify how those with an interest in carbon removal can get involved in the policy process, such as through highlighting active consultations and providing regular updates on how legislation is progressing.

We want this to be a collaborative effort to unlock more engagement in the carbon removal policy space. If you have ideas or information to contribute towards the development of the CDR ecosystem, get in touch at [email protected].


  • What is carbon removal?+

    There is too much carbon dioxide already polluting the atmosphere and warming our planet. Carbon removals allow us to extract the excess carbon and store it safely in order to restore a healthy balance in the atmosphere.

    Carbon removal includes a wide range of methods, from land and forest management to engineered approaches. Find out more.

  • Why is policy important for carbon removals?+

    We need to make policy changes in order to safely remove carbon from the atmosphere at scale.

    There are 5 building blocks for scaling carbon removal:
    1. Boost funding for research and innovation
    2. Implement clear quality principles, standards, and methodologies to certify carbon removal.
    3. Unlock scale with stable, long-term deployment incentives for carbon removal methods that are ready.
    4. Transition towards a world where policy requires you to remove more than you emit.
    5. Create the conditions for a healthy & just carbon removal ecosystem, developing a global talent pool and ensuring public support.

  • How can I get involved?+

    By signing up to receive updates from the Carbon Removal Policy Tracker, you will gain access to the latest developments and opportunities for carbon removal policy advocacy in Europe.

    We want to collaborate across the carbon removal ecosystem to maximise the impact this policy tracker will have. If you would like to collaborate or have useful resources to share, please get in touch at [email protected].


Carbon removal knowledge gaps

Explore a database of 100+ knowledge gaps across the field of durable carbon removal. Find relevant gaps using the filters, add/edit/upvote gaps, and take action to fill them.



cdr.fyi is a community driven effort to bring transparency and accountability to the carbon removal market. They work with CDR participants to ensure accurate, trusted reporting for their purchases, deliveries, and verifications.

Net Zero Tracker

Net Zero Tracker analyses all countries and territories, every region in the 25 largest emitting countries and all cities with 500,000+ inhabitants.

Clean Air Task Force Carbon Storage Map

CATF’s interactive map allows users to track early stage Europe-based carbon storage sites and projects.

CarbonX – CDR Market Overview

CarbonX’s CDR Market Overview presents information collected, aggregated, and de-duplicated from a variety of sources, including a number of carbon credit marketplaces, published reports in the public domain, and CarbonX’s own research or insights with CDR projects.

CarbonPlan – CDR Database

CarbonPlan’s CDR Database, now archived, analysed more than 200 carbon dioxide removal (CDR) proposals, across a wide range of approaches, with the goal of bringing more openness, transparency, and accountability to the carbon removal ecosystem.